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social media marketing with web data

Dominate your industry space on social media with smarter campaigns, anticipate the next big trends, & understand your customer journey in real-time with the world’s #1 platform for social media data.

Get data for targeted marketing that converts

Gather fresh & real-time data effortlessly, automatically, and routinely from any social media platform.

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Transparent and enterprise-friendly infrastructure

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Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities

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Reach and influence
your target audiences with data-driven precision

  • Uncover the most relevant influencers by filtering our comprehensive datasets for fields like location, followers, industry, & more
  • Focus your marketing efforts on the right users with real-time data delivered like posts, likes, comments, hashtags, & videos
  • Generate new leads through smart filtering databases of people, jobs, and company data. Filter by criteria like region, languages, experience & many more
  • Zero in on new leads with data from reviews & competitor pages, and enrich existing datasets with missing lead information

Understand your customer's journey & uncover their needs in real-time

  • Spot shifts in consumer behavior to anticipate the popularity of products and campaigns
  • Personalize your customer’s experience by understanding their preferences with behavior data from any platform
  • Monitor consumer sentiments: who customers are following, being followed by, liking, & talking about to anticipate the next big trends
  • Be informed about how your competitors and affiliates are perceived by customers with reviews data
  • Tap into numerous sources at once like reviews, profile walls, group pages, and more, & filter your data by keywords, location, industry, & other customized business parameters

Optimize campaign spending
& produce content that resonates

  • Find topics, products, and language that resonates with your audience
  • Evaluate existing campaigns & optimize social advertising to determine the exact target message
  • Focus your product marketing with post & comments data on what’s trending
  • Stay on top of brand mentions and content reach for optimized marketing efforts
  • Evaluate what content is working for competitors with likes, hashtags, posts, and comments data
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